Why Tom Brady is the Best QB of All-Time

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It is easy to argue that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time to play for the NFL. His stats in both regular and post season games are astounding and unlikely to be reached or surpassed in our lifetime. He has also maintained a reputation for his strong leadership skills both on and off the field. Not to mention that he completes the perfect all American image with his stunning super model wife and breathtakingly beautiful children.

Brady also possesses an unmatched number of trophy’s for his many victories, including four separate super bowl rings. In addition to his highly coveted rings, Brady has received accolades for being the most valuable player in other bowls. Although, he has been no stranger to controversy, like the famed deflate gate scandal in which he was accused of being involved in the scheme to deflate footballs in the super bowl in order to secure a win. Events like deflategate were certainly damaging to Brady’s personal and professional images and reputation. However, it is still difficult for even rival teams to argue that Tom Brady has not proved himself as the best quarterback of all time.

Brady’s Stats:

Passing yards

  • Brady: 58,028 (5th)
  • Leader: Peyton Manning – 71,940

Pass completions

  • Brady: 4,953 (5th)
  • Leader: Brett Favre – 6,300

Touchdown passes

  • Brady: 428 (3rd)
  • Leader: Peyton Manning – 539

Passer rating

  • Brady: 96.4 (6th)
  • Leader: Aaron Rodgers – 104

Completion rate

  • Brady: 63.6 (13th)
  • Leader: Drew Brees – 66.3


  • Brady: 172 (3rd)
  • Leader (tie): Brett Favre and Peyton Manning – 186

MVP Awards

  • Brady: 2
  • Leader: Peyton Manning – 5

Pro Bowl appearances

  • Brady: 11
  • Leader (tie): Peyton Manning, Tony Gonzalez, Bruce Matthews, Merlin Olsen – 14

Brady’s case as the best quarterback ever got a genuine help with his execution in Super Bowl XLIX. The contention developed considerably more with his MVP-gauge execution amid the 2015 general season. He now holds about each real Super Bowl passing record notwithstanding the record for most Super Bowl appearances by a quarterback. All the more significantly, Brady now ties Joe Montana, the quarterback numerous consider to be the best to ever play the game, for most Super Bowl wins and most Super Bowl MVP grants.

Brady additionally holds numerous playoff (quarterback) records and is in the main five in almost every vocation general season passing class. He has implied that he has “a considerable measure of football left” to play in his profession, implying that he is very liable to enhance his remaining in each class. In the event that he genuinely plays another five to seven seasons, Brady will most likely hold each customary season passing record, each postseason passing record, and each Super Bowl is passing record.

Besides, if Brady wins another Super Bowl title before he resigns, he will probably end the discourse and go down as the best quarterback in NFL history. Indeed, even without another Super Bowl, if Brady can turn in a few more tip top level seasons, it will be difficult to contend against him as the best ever. Although he is starting to reach an age where he may not have many more opportunities to play many more seasons, Brady has proved time and time again that he can perform under pressure.