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When it comes to being intriguing, Jabrill Peppers fits the bill perfectly as a strong prospect for the National Football League’s 2017 draft. Being a hybrid for many positions makes it a difficult choice on what position he should play. He knows this, which is why he has been trying to become more clear by showing his abilities during the Combine that the NFL holds.

His best bet is with a team that will utilize all of his skills and abilities and not just put him into one position where his total skills become limited. Having Peppers will be the best choice for any team who needs help defensively. But it could be tough for teams to decide early on in the first round of the draft.

To help make sense of it all, we have a few teams listed that would benefit from picking Peppers during the second half of the first round which will be held towards the end of April.

The Titans
The first round pick of the Titans occurs at the No. 18 spot as soon as the Redskins make their pick. Although the Titans should focus on a wide receiver or cornerback after the Rams gave them the No. 5 pick, their next choice could see the Titans picking a player who can give high impact. Pepper’s ability to show versatility could make him a great safety for the Titans.

The Redskins
Peppers could become a huge standout if picked for both a safety and linebacker for the Washington Redskins. In either of those positions Peppers could easily raise the big plays for their defensive. Prior to taking a starting position, Peppers could be used on special teams or as a player who could attack easily.

The Texans
Even if the Texans don’t pick Peppers, they will have a strong defense again as soon as J.J. Watt makes a healthy return. Peppers could make a great impact for the Texans if he was picked for inside linebacker or safety. The downfall to this is that Peppers would be a stronger blitzer. History has shown that the Texans defensive coordinator is known to place his players who have the most talent into high impact positions. Jabrill Peppers would fit in perfectly under this coordination.

The Packers
With Morgan Burnett being versatile as a strong safety for the Packers, the team will soon lose him to free agency next year. So, for the time being, they would benefit from having more stability and durability for the inside linebacker position mainly due to injuries that Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez sustained last year. With the profile of Greenbay at 3-4, it fits perfectly with Peppers where he can easily create big plays as he contributes to the defense in many different ways.

The Patriots
It seems like the Patriots always pick the best players who show the most versatility and abilities. With the creativity of Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia, we could easily see Peppers all over the field. Peppers could easily fill in at the cornerback or safety position. With Duron Harmon in free agency and Patrick Chung signing on through next year, we could see Peppers as a multi-position player for the Patriots, before a regular position becomes available.

It would surely be fun to observe how Peppers gets around in the defense, but one thing is for sure, Josh Daniels will have no problem placing him into a role in the offense. Another thing is that the Patriots’ special teams could also benefit. A No. 32 pick could perfectly slide Peppers towards the Super Bowl Champions.